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"A vital collection of progressive essays on what a modern India-UK partnership could mean."

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Time Magazine U-turn after ‘India’s divider in chief’ story, says Narendra Modi has united India


America’s prestigious Time Magazine has praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi in its latest issue saying that he has united India. In the last several decades no other Prime Minister could do this work.

Magazine says Modi has again achieved power by mobilizing more people than last time. According to the magazine, India’s largest fault line that is the class and caste divide has almost ended.

Earlier, In the issue of May 10, the magazine had said that Modi was India’s dividers in chief’.

‘While reaching the top, Modi associated himself with the poor’

This article is printed on the website of Time on Tuesday. It is written by Manoj Ladwa. He is the CEO of UK company India Inc. Through this, India Global Business is published.

However, the latest article is not a cover story of the magazine. This time America’s Democrat Elizabeth Warren got the place on the cover of Time. Warren is the contender in the presidential election there.

The article says that Modi was born in a social environment that was considered backward. While reaching the top, he associated himself with the poor and the oppressed sections of the country in such a way that Nehru-Gandhi family could not do even after 72 years of independence.

Ladwa writes: During his first tenure, Modi had to face unnecessary criticism for his policies. In this marathon election, he won a surprising victory by unifying the whole country. Through socially progressive policies, he has brought many Indians, both Hindus, and religious minorities, out of poverty at a faster rate than in any previous generation.

The writer, Manoj Ladwa, credited Modi’s emergence as a unifier to his origins in a backward caste — a factor missed or deliberately omitted by Western media obsessed with what they call upper caste domination.

This story was first published in DB Post.