"A vital collection of progressive essays on what a modern India-UK partnership could mean."

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"A vital collection of progressive essays on what a modern India-UK partnership could mean."

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Five on Five – Sug Sahadevan


Manoj Ladwa speaks to Sug Sahadevan on his global ambitions…

Sug Sahadevan  Five on Five – Sug Sahadevan Sug Sahadevan1. Give us a snapshot of your business model.

Testhouse is a privately owned company started in 2000 and headquartered in London with operations in Spain, UAE, India and USA. Our focus is on software testing, hence we operate as an independent verification arm for many organisations. The current plan is to grow the company organically and to consider inorganic growth once our global reach is mature and stabilised.

2. What are the key growth areas?

Our key growth areas can be summarised as follows?:

  • Geographically, we see Spain and mainland Europe as our fastest growing areas in the short to medium term. In the longer term we see Middle East, India and Asia Pacific as growth areas.
  • In the vertical market place, we see financial services, travel and bio-technology as growth areas. We have now developed significant expertise and?are adding value to our customers in these areas.
  • In the technology space, we see applications for mobile devices growing significantly hence we have developed our own mobile test factory which can test applications on multiple devices across different service providers.

3. How does your personality reflect in your business?

I believe in collaborative style of management therefore the people in the business are always committed. The most important thing I value is trust. This is reflected in the business as our customers, suppliers, partners and our team see us as a trustworthy organisation.

4. Why is the India market important to you?

There are at least two reasons why the Indian market is important to me

  • The growth in the Indian economy is significant and with that growth comes a demand for our services.
  • We have experience from the UK, which can benefit the Indian market
  • I am an Indian after all, which means I would love to do business in?India

5. What are some of the big challenges you forsee?

  • The current economic condition is probably the biggest challenge, whilst it is unlikely we will have a double dip recession, it is going to be sometime before we return to satisfactory levels of growth
  • It will become increasingly challenging to be aligned to the fast pace of technological changes.
  • Whilst India is still competitive for the supply of talented resources, this can only be short term.

Sug Sahadevan is the CEO of Testhouse Limited, which offers independent software testing solutions to companies around the world.